February 1st to February 7th


Minnesota @ Boston

Celtics continue to roll; Pierce 36p; Jefferson 34p, 11r; Allen 22p; Foye 21p, 9a
Sun, Feb 01

Orlando @ Toronto

Magic continue to roll; Howard 29p, 14r; Nelson 18p, 10a, 8r; Pietrus 22p
Sun, Feb 01

Cleveland @ Detroit

Big 4th quarter from one team decides it; LeBron 33p, 8a; Williams 22p; Iverson 22p
Sun, Feb 01

Oklahoma City @ Sacramento

Kings snap huge losing streak with exciting win; Green 28p, 13r; Westbrook 34p, 8a; Durant 33p; Martin 37p; Salmons 19p, 10r, 8a
Sun, Feb 01

Dallas @ Orlando

Magic lose All-Star Nelson to injury, can they overcome? Howard 35p, 11r; Nowtizki 29p; Terry 23p
Mon, Feb 02

Memphis @ Washington

Grizz end nasty losing streak; Mayo 33p; Jamison 29p, 13r; Gasol 22p, 11r; Gay 23p; Butler 21p, 9r
Mon, Feb 02

L.A. Clippers @ Miami

Wade 32p, 9a leads the way; Randolph 21p
Mon, Feb 02

L.A. Lakers @ New York

Kobe sets visiting player record at MSG with 61 points!!! Gasol 31p, 14r; Lee 22p, 12r; Harrington 24p; Chandler 20p
Mon, Feb 02, 2009

Portland @ New Orleans

Paul injured and Hornets blow huge lead; West 25p; Aldridge 22p, 11r; Paul 12p, 13a
Mon, Feb 02

Sacramento @ Phoenix

Suns win by 48 points! Stoudemire 25p; Richardson 24p
Mon, Feb 02

Charlotte @ Utah

Banged-up Jazz able to walk away with win; Felton 16p, 9a; Okur 22p; Brewer 21p
Mon, Feb 02

San Antonio @ Golden State

Exciting game in California; Jackson 33p, 11a; Duncan 32p, 15r; Ginobili 32p; Parker 23p
Mon, Feb 02

Toronto @ Cleveland

February and Cavs still perfect at home; LeBron 33p; Bosh 29p; O'Neal 20p
Tue, Feb 03

Minnesota @ Indiana

Fascinating game; Granger 28p
Tue, Feb 03

Boston @ Philadelphia

Allen 23p the hero in this exciting game; Pierce 29p; Iguodala 22p; Miller 21p
Tue, Feb 03

Milwaukee @ New Jersey

Carter's triple double 15p, 12a, 10r leads the way; Lopez 22p, 12r; Jefferson 27p
Tue, Feb 03

Chicago @ Houston

Too much Yao 28p for the Bulls to handle; Deng 28p; Scola 13p, 18r
Tue, Feb 03

San Antonio @ Denver

Big three sit for Spurs, predictable outcome? Anthony 35p, 9r; Mason 26p
Tue, Feb 03

L.A. Clippers @ Orlando

Johnson 25p steps up for the Magic; Thornton 27p; Lee 21p; Turkoglu 20p
Wed, Feb 04

L.A. Lakers @ Toronto

Kobe 36p, 9r doesn't quite match 61 from Monday; Gasol 31p, 15r; O'Neal 22p, 9r, 9b! Graham 24p; Bargnani 21p, 9r
Wed, Feb 04

New Jersey @ Washington

Nets on a roll; Harris 26p; Carter 20p; Young 21p
Wed, Feb 04

Miami @ Detroit

Pistons first win versus winning team in over a month! Wade 29p, 13a
Wed, Feb 04

Cleveland @ New York

LeBron explodes for 52p, 11r, 9a in this great game! Harrington 39p, 13r
Wed, Feb 04

Houston @ Memphis

Mayo 32p with a big night leads the way; McGrady 21p; Yao 20p, 9r
Wed, Feb 04

Atlanta @ Minnesota

Can Hawks overcome missing Johnson? Bibby 24p; Williams 23p, 10r
Wed, Feb 04

Chicago @ New Orleans

Hornets missing Paul; West 24p, 14r; Stojakovic 24p; Rose 21p
Wed, Feb 04

Denver @ Oklahoma City

Thrilling game in Oklahoma; Anthony 32p, 11a; Durant 31p, 8r, 7a; Green 24p; Smith 22p
Wed, Feb 04

Portland @ Dallas

Kidd passes Oscar Robertson on career assist list; Roy 26p; Howard 23p; Aldridge 21p; Terry 20p
Wed, Feb 04

Phoenix @ Golden State

Lots of points out West; Jackson 30p, 11r, 10a! Carford 27p; Azubuike 25p; Richardson 24p
Wed, Feb 04

Indiana @ Philadelphia

Sixers learn they will be without Brand for the rest of the year, how do they respond? Iguodala 20p, 11a, 8r; Dalembert 18p, 20r; Green 23p; Dunleavy 21p
Thu, Feb 05

L.A. Lakers @ Boston

Fantastic game between NBA's elite; Gasol 24p, 14r; Kobe 26p, 10r; Pierce 21p; Rondo 16p, 12a, 8r; Odom 20p
Thu, Feb 05

Dallas @ Utah

Williams 34p, 12a leads demolition of the Mavs; Korver 20p, 9r
Thu, Feb 05

Atlanta @ Charlotte

One team with a big come-back; Williams 29p; Okafor 15p, 19r
Fri, Feb 06

Orlando @ Indiana

Fun game in Indy; Granger 33p; Turkoglu 20p, 11a; Howard 21p, 20r! Ford 21p
Fri, Feb 06

Boston @ New York

Tough week for the Knicks comes to an end; Allen 22p; Pierce 26p; Lee 18p, 18r; Harrington 27p
Fri, Feb 06

L.A. Clippers @ Memphis

Clips with big win; Randolph 35p, 10r; Gay 26p; Davis 24p; Gordon 23p
Fri, Feb 06

Toronto @ New Orleans

Hornets tie franchise record with 15 three pointers; Stojakovic 28p; O'Neal 24p
Fri, Feb 06

Portland @ Oklahoma City

First time that top 2 picks from 2007 (Oden & Durant)meet; Roy 32p, 9r; Durant 31p; Collision 21p, 13r; Green 20p
Fri, Feb 06

Denver @ Washington

Too much Anthony and the Nuggets; Jamison 26p, 8r; Anthony 23p, 8r; Young 20p
Fri, Feb 06

Utah @ Sacramento

Thrilling game out West; Williams 34p; Martin 37p; Okur 28p, 11r
Fri, Feb 06

Golden State @ Phoenix

Shaq becomes 7th player in NBA history with 27000 career points; Hill 27p; Richardson 25p; Jackson 24p; Stoudemire 19p, 15r
Fri, Feb 06

L.A. Clippers @ Atlanta

Can the Clips continue their winning ways? Thonrton 31p; Randolphe 25p, 9r; Smith 16p, 15r
Sat, Feb 07

Miami @ Philadelphia

Lesser Sixers step up; Wade 21p
Sat, Feb 07

Denver @ New Jersey

Shocking final score; Harris 28p
Sat, Feb 07

Toronto @ Memphis

Mayo's big 4th quarter lifts Grizz
Sat, Feb 07

Chicago @ Dallas

Nowitzki with 44p, 9r leads the way in this thrilling game; Gordon 28p; Thomas 23p, 12r; Rose 22p; Barea 20p
Sat, Feb 07

Minnesota @ Houston

Can Rockets overcome 36p and 22r from Jefferson? Yao 30p; Alston 22p
Sat, Feb 07

Detroit @ Milwaukee

Exciting game between these Central rivals; Sessions 44p, 12a! Hamilton 38p; Villanueva 33p; Wallace 27p; Iverson 27p, 9a
Sat, Feb 07